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About Us (Blogger)

Hello, my name is Safalta. You can call me Saf. I am starting out my chapter as a mini lifestyle blogger as I aspire to be one. Maybe not so mini one day? I  believe in  being the best version of yourself . I am an inquisitive being who enjoys discovering new ideas, places, and concepts. I’m delighted to welcome you to my digital home. Here, I offer my views, experiences, and interest for lifestyle topics, namely glowing up, travelling, food, and beauty. Expect to find real, unedited authentic experiences on my site.


Let us go on this voyage of discovery together as I aspire to be lifestyle blogger! Your comments, suggestions, and tales are always welcome.For collaborations, questions, or just to say hi, please contact me at activesaf@gmail.com.

How to glow up

How to glow up

How to Glow up in a week A glow up is a highly personal journey and it is about feeling confident, at ease, and content

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